The Hidden Costs of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals: Beyond Price
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When it comes to purchasing industrial cleaning chemicals, many customers prioritize price over other factors. However, there are other critical considerations that can significantly impact the final cost of cleaning, such as the mixing rate of the chemical, usage time, cleanliness, and environmental impact.

Mixing Rate: The Hidden Cost Driver
The mixing rate of a chemical is a crucial factor that can significantly affect the final price. Diluting a chemical with 1-2% or 10% water can make a notable difference in consumption, with cheaper products requiring higher amounts to achieve the desired result. For example, let’s say a customer purchases 1.0 liter of chemicals and dilutes it at 1%, it would only cost them 18 baht per filling with 2.0 liters of water. However, if they purchase 25.0 liters of chemicals and dilute it at 1%, the cost per filling reduces to 11 baht with 2.0 liters of water. Ordering higher volumes leads to lower prices.

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Usage Time: Choose Wisely

Certain chemicals lose their effectiveness after several cleaning cycles, while others have a longer usage. Choosing a product that meets your specific needs is essential to avoid additional costs and prevent damage to your products. For example, if a cleaning chemical loses its effectiveness after five cleaning cycles, and the cleaning requirement is for ten cycles, the customer would need to purchase twice the amount of cleaning chemicals, significantly increasing the final cost.

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Cleanliness: The Critical Factor

Cleanliness is also a crucial consideration in selecting cleaning chemicals. If the products are not adequately cleaned in the first cycle, additional cleaning cycles will be required, increasing the overall cost, and potentially damaging the products. Choosing a product specifically designed to clean the desired surface or material is essential to avoid this hidden cost.

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Environmental Impact: The Future Is Green

Lastly, it’s worth considering environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning chemicals. These products are easy to dispose of and help protect our environment and water resources. Customers can contribute to a more sustainable future and reduce their environmental impact by choosing eco-friendly products.

When purchasing industrial cleaning chemicals, it’s essential to look beyond the price tag and consider factors such as mixing rate, usage time, cleanliness, and environmental impact. These hidden costs can significantly impact the final cleaning and product maintenance costs. Customers can save money, avoid additional costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future by making informed decisions.

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