how cleanliness can be defined?

cleaning & passivation of surface’s

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How to successfully remove polishing paste from stainless steel surfaces with an elmasonic cleaner, carry out a passivation of stainless-steel surfaces in a second process step to create a passive protective layer and therefore it is less effected by corrosion….

how to remove inclusions of diamonds-elmasonic

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วิธีขจัดสิ่งเจือปนในเพชรด้วยเครื่องทำความสะอาดอัลตราโซนิก -how to remove inclusions of diamond with a ultrasonic cleaner…

homogeneous distribution of ultrasonic field

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for efficient cleaning of complex industrial parts, ultrasonic cleaners are used. Important is that the ultrasonic cleaner has a homogenous distribution of the cavitation fields, which means that the parts will be cleaned equally …….