Jet Steam Cleaner’s

Elmasteam 4.5 basic

 the elmasteam 4.5 has be desigend for cleaning of watch parts in the Service Center’s & jewelry Shop during repair and restoration or in the dental field, with a maximum pressure of 4.5 bar, the elma jet cleaner can be used as table top unit or be hanged at the wall, 2 different model’s are available, 1 x fixed nozzle or 1x flexible hand piece, once the steam cleaner’s are ready for operation both jet steamer’s are operated by foot switch.The steam pressure only be created with the use of water preferd di-water (no chemicals) even sensitve pars be cleaned safe, gentle and efficient.due to the temperature and the pressure of the steam, contamination’s like grease, wax, polishing paste melt and be removed easily.

  • 4.5 bar pressure with short heat up time of estimate only 30 mintues.
  • easy filling of water with the integrated water funnel.
  • designed following the CE Safety Standards to keep operator safe and approved by Tuev Germany DIN EN 61010-1.
  • with full covered warranty of 2 years, except inappropriate use.

brochure of the elmasteam 4.5 basic

product profile elmasteam 4.5 basic

Elmasteam 8.0 basic

the jet steam cleaner elmasteam 8.0 basic is the terminator of harsh contaminations by steam cleaners with adjustable pressure rage from 4.0 to at 8.0 bar and many more options for all requirement’s of the customer’s, this steam cleaner is Made in Germany and fulfill the latest Safety Standard’s, for safe operation and easy to use are the main priority’s of the Manufacturer Elma.

  • there are 7 model’s available which cover different demands in todays Service & manufacturing industry.
    • 3 x model’s without pump
    • 4 x model’s with pump and air pressure connection
  • the model’s with the integrated pump as well have a air pressure connection (CDA Clean-Dry-Air need to be supplied), this means the steam cleaner can be used for pre-cleaning, rinsing and for drying.
  • the operater can set 2 different pressure ranges (soft > adjustable from 4-6bar / strong > from 6-8 bar).
  • stable steam available through strong heating power.
  • small foot print for convinient use in small work shops.
  • all units are with Tuev apprival according to DIN EN 61010-1.
  • unit with pump can be operated with canister or with direct water connection to the water tap.
  • ECO mode: environmental friendly because automatilly switching to ECO mode for energy safing and cost reduction.
  • integrated descaling indication and decalcification steps easy to carry out.
  • with a full covered warranty of 2 years, except in appropriate use.

brochure jet steam cleaner elmasteam 8.0 basic

product profile elmasteam 8.0 basic

brochure elmasteam 8.0 med

product profile elmasteam 8.0 med

Steam cleaner can be used for the following applications :

  • jewelry manufacturing
  • watch service center
  • dental practice – laboratory
  • medical practice -hospital (CSSD)
  • Industry- manufacturing