select single or multi frequency ultrasonic cleaner?

The difference between single frequency and multi frequency ultrasonic cleaner’s

firstly single frequency ultrasonic cleaners operate at a fix frequency for example on 40kHz, several Year’s ago there been only single frequency ultrasonic cleaner’s available. Thanks to the Research & Development Departments Multi Frequency ultrasonic cleaners has been invented.

If purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner, it is important to consider which material’s & contamination’s need to be removed. If different materials need to be cleaned a multi frequency ultrasonic can be helpful in case of cleanliness and cleaning times. If the contamination will always be the same and if for example the budget need to be considered then a single frequency ultrasonic cleaner might be able to handle the task.

How to select the right Frequency for the ultrasonic cleaning application ?

For hard Material’s /Surfaces it is recommended to use a lower Frequency. Why because as lower the frequency as stronger the ultrasonic. As higher the frequency as more gentle the ultrasonic, for example when cleaning sensitive part‘s. However depending on the material’s & cycle time’s low frequency can as well damage surface’s. For example when the cleaning time will be too long.

Secondly What if we like to remove different contamination’s?

Then a investment in a multi frequency ultrasonic cleaner will be a good decision. A multi frequency ultrasonic cleaners can be used for pre-cleaning (low Frequency) to remove polishing paste and for fine cleaning (high frequency)or for sensitive part’s.

our Conclusion, multi Frequency ultrasonic cleaner are already when the tank reach a certain dimension is not more expensive then single, besides it bring a lot of benefits.

Our Multi Frequency ultrasonic cleaner‘s from Elma are available in 2 Version’s. the most common Version is 25/45kHz multi frequency and the other Version is 37/130kHz for sensitive part’s.

Ultrasonic technology Made in Germany.

 Elma Schmidbauer in Germany is manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning devices for more then 80 years. At the RD Department of Elma, 15% percentage of the total Employees invent new technologies to make the ultrasonic cleaners  better.

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Dive Deeper with Elmasonic Xtra pro at Intermach 2023

One of the flagship products we will showcase at Intermach 2023 is the Elmasonic Xtra pro. The Elmasonic Xtra pro is a modular ultrasonic cleaning solution designed to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution for the manufacturing industry. The Elmasonic Xtra pro offers advanced data analytics capabilities that enable users to unlock the full potential of their cleaning processes.

The modular design of the Elmasonic Xtra pro allows users to customize their cleaning solutions to their unique needs. The solution caters to various cleaning applications, including precision, degreasing, and parts cleaning. The Elmasonic Xtra pro delivers high-quality cleaning results consistently, making it an ideal solution for the manufacturing industry.

Elmasystem Evo

Extend the Lifetime of Your Process Liquids with STA-Centrifuge Separators

Another solution we offer is the STA-Centrifuge Separator, which extends the lifetime of process liquids and increases the availability of production machines. These centrifuge separators are designed to remove solid impurities from liquids, ensuring that the liquids remain clean and usable for longer.
Join Us at Booth G11 at Intermach 2023

cleaning of process liquids

We invite you to join us at Booth G11 at Intermach 2023 from May 10-13, 2023 at Bitec, Bangna to experience the future of industrial cleaning. Our team of experts will be present to guide you through the latest cleaning solutions and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services does E&W Industrial Asia offer?
A. E&W Industrial Asia offers turnkey cleaning solutions in the form of Service and Sales of Equipment and Machinery, chemicals and detergents, and process know-how for industrial cleaning.

Q. What is the Elmasonic Xtra pro?
A. The Elmasonic Xtra pro is a modular ultrasonic cleaning solution offering advanced data analytics capabilities and high-quality cleaning results.

Q. What is the STA-Centrifuge Separator?
A. The STA-Centrifuge Separator is a solution designed to extend the lifetime of process liquids and increase the availability of production machines by removing solid impurities from liquids.

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