a good quality ultrasonic cleaner

German machines are well-known for their quality and durability.

Ultrasonic engineered by German manufacturers are also well-known, but things  are different then for the machines most people think about the life time, but more important is the cleaning performance.

the truth is ultrasonic cleaner which create homogenous cavitation fields and achieve outstanding cleaning results have a limited life time

– ultrasonic cleaner which have a long-life time in general didn’t clean very well.

Consider if you like to achieve good yields, outstanding cleanliness and be able to achieve a repeatable process or if you like to have a long-lasting ultrasonic system, which might not properly clean your parts!

Rework of parts increase the cost and you might not able to deliver on time, which makes your customer upset, investing in a German ultrasonic cleaner are helpful for constant quality of products and secure the delivery of your customer on time, be a step ahead of your competition.

  • cleaning before coating

  • cleaning before hardening

  • cleaning before sterilization

  • cleaning before packaging

  • cleaning before surface treatment

  • cleaning before plating

  • cleaning after manufacturing

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