watch cleaning equipment

elmasolvex SE

watch_cleaning SE
description SE

Semi Manual multiple chamber cleaning.

The Elmasolvex SE is a manual cleaning machine for cleaning watch movements and mechanical precision parts with water and solvent based cleaning and rinsing media.

Equipped with four cleaning chambers and one drying chamber with fine filter hot air technology the Elmasolvex SE achieves perfect cleaning results.

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elmasolvex RM

description RM

Automatic multiple chamber cleaning with integrated explosion protection.

The Elmasolvex RM is a completely automatic cleaning machine for cleaning watch movements and other mechanical precision parts with water and solvent based cleaning and rinsing media.

Cleaning and rinsing are performed completely automatically or alternatively with individually adjustable parameters in the rotation or oscillation process in four cleaning chambers. An integrated drying chamber with fine filter hot air technology completes the residue-free cleaning.

The high standard of cleanliness is achieved here with certified compliance with the EU regulations for machine and explosion safety for the cleaning with inflammable solvents.

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elmasolvex VA

description VA

Automatic cleaning with vacuum technology and integrated explosion protection.

The Elmasolvex VA is a completely automatic cleaning machine for cleaning mechanical precision parts such as gear wheels, springs or cases. Cleaning with multi-frequency ultrasound and rinsing are performed in the rotation or oscillation process. The vacuum technology also reaches difficult to access places and removes all air bubbles.

The user is protected from toxic solvent fumes or odours by extraction equipment or a self-contained filter system.

The Elmasolvex VA has its own self-contained intrinsic explosion protection due to the vacuum technology used and all the tested measures required by TÜV and the EU standards for explosion protection. This means that the explosion protection measures integrated in the machine rule out any fire hazard when the machine is used for its intended purpose. The use of ultrasound is thus legally possible and permitted.

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watch service equipment


watch demagnetiser
description antimag

The demagnetiser for watch service center’s.

Timepieces are influenced by magnetism.Therfore the mechanical movement should be demagnetised once in a while, the best time is doing this during a regular service & cleaning.

Speically for the older models, the balance spring is the most particular part become magentised. if this happend hamonic oscillation of the spring is then not possible. Which means the watch/time-piece doesn’t run accurate. on the other hand watchmakers tools can as well transfer magentisum, it is recommended to demagnetised tools, before every use.

(not for electronic quartz watches)

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Description Cyclomotion

the Elma Cyclomotion is a  perfect development for winding of mechanical watches.

Different  winding variants guarantee optimum winding and testing according to the requirements of the wathc movements.

  • with adjustable rotation speed 1rpm or 4 rpm
  • with powerful, quite motor with integrated slip clutch and holding torque.
  • adjustable rotation directions, clockwise, anti-clockwise or in both directions.
  • individually selectable retaining brackets.
  • with clamps
  • or with watch safety boxes
  • or with the industrial clamp

technical details:

Cyclomotion dimension :        465/325/520

Cyclomotion pro dimension : 635/325/585

Weight in kilogramm:              16kg

Main Voltage:  100-240 VAC

Main Frequency (Hz): 50-60Hz

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Leak tester

watch leak controller
description leaktester

Leak Controller

Leak testing without risk (no liquid).

checking the resistancy of watches/clocks for leaks can easy be aachieved by the Leak Controller. the operation is simple and can be done by anybody, to perform a reliable leak test after changing the battery and getting the proof and reliablity for his work and for his customers.

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