ultrasonic cleaning

 This day’s ultrasonic cleaning is a very common way for precision cleaning of parts in the Manufacturing industry.

Objects (parts) which need to be cleaned, with different contaminations to be removed, this object’s will be placed inside a basket. those  basket will be lowered into a ultrasonic cleaning tank filled with aqueous cleaning medium.  Such tank is as well equipped with piezo transducer head’s.

the transducer heads will be connected to a ultrasonic generator.  Electrical energy will be send and transformed this energy into mechanical vibrations, this vibrations creating under pressure/over pressure inside liquid’s. During the under pressure formation of cavitation blisters occur. Once the waves increase to over pressure, suddenly a implosion of the cavitation blisters occur.

this phenomenon is called ultrasonic cavitation.

There are high local pressures, strong turbulences and currents in the area around cavitation blisters in the liquid, they originate from sudden implosions. These effects are the actual criteria, for the removing of filth particles on the surface. Cavitation blisters originate mostly at the surfaces between liquid and cleaning-item, exactly where they are desired.

Important is that the distribution of the cavitation fields inside the tank are equal, as  well not enough cavitation (to low ultrasonic power) as well to much cavitation (to high ultrasonic power) are a killer criteria . Which means if the distribution will not be properly, then only part’s in the center are clean, but part’s which are located at the edge of the basket/carrier may will remain dirty.

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