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elma tec clean

 cleaning of parts in the Industry

 cover various application from cleaning sensitive part‘s to harsh application’s.

the elma tec clean chemical’s been developed by the experts of the elma cleaning lab in Germany to cover a wide range of applications, are environmental friendly and to achieve the best cleaning results.


elma tec clean A1

suitable for fine cleaning of glass and ceramic substrates in optics and electronics: glasses optical assemblies…



elma tec clean A4

suitable for metal, glass, plastics and rubber, check light alloys of the type AlSiMg , for inspection cleaning….



elma tec clean S1

the light acid solution is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning of non ferrors and light metals and for passivation of surfaces…



elma tec clean A2

for workpieces from ferrous metals, brass, copper, bronze and similar non ferros metals as well as for…….

PI_elma tec clean A2_EN


elma tec clean A5

suitable for metal, artificial and natural rubber surfaces, also for gray cast iron, zinc as well light metals….



elma tec clan A3

suitable for cleaning of stainless steel, steel, titanium and precious metals after mechanical treatment…

PI_elma tec clean A3_EN


elma tec clean N1

suitable for metalic plastic, glassy and ceramic surfaces and ensembels consisting of different materials…



elma tec celean S2

suitable for stainless steel, precious metals, glass, ceramic and selected plastics, removes polishing, lapping…


elma jewelry clean

biodegradable cleaning chemicals for cleaning applications in the Manufacturing of jewelry

specially developed for the restoration & manufacturing of jewelry, aqueous environmental friendly cleaning concentrate’s..

elma clean 85

elma clean 85

suitable for jewelry manufacture and restoration of worn jewelry. clean quickly, bi-degradable and ph 7.0-7.5 when diluted at 5% with water.


elma clean 90

elma clean 90

suitable for watch and jewelry parts (cases straps, clasps, bezels) to remove ploshing pastes with pH of 8.8 at delivery



elma clean 95

alkaline cleaner suitable for precious metals, stainless steel, non ferros metals, costume jelwery with hard stones (not soft stones) not for the use with zinc light metals aluminium.



elma clean red

suitable cleaning concentrate for the removale of  contaminations on watch movment parts and for ultrasonic cleaning (brightening of brass & gold alloys).


elma super clean

elma super clean

is an aqueous, mild cleaning concentrate with ammoniac for the gentle cleaning and brightening of jewerlry



elma noble clean 

acid solution for the efficient cleaning of jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and their alloys brighten the jewelry within …


elma dent medical clean

for applications in medical & dental 

for the cleaning of instruments, glass ware in the dental pratice and in the hospital’s.

elma clean 10

elma clean 10

suitable for thorough ultrasonic cleanig of medical and dental insturments made of steel, glass, plastic ceramic..


elma clean 25

elma clean 25

ready for use cleaning bath. suitable for the through ultrasonic cleaning of immersen trays and dental instruments..


elma clean 35

elma clean 35

suitable for daily cleaning of dental prosthesis with activated oxygen component…


elma clean 55

elma clean 55

Concentrate for cleaning & disinfection suitable general and surigcal instruments specially for rotating dental instruments..


elma clean 60

elma clean 60

suitable for the acid cleaning of medical instruments and work pieces made of glass, stainless steel, plastic materials…


elma watch clean

Biodegradable cleaning chemicals for the cleaning of watch & timepieces

in the manufacturing as well in the Service Center, for cleaning, lubrication,


elma wf pro

water less cleaning solution of for mechanical precision parts, such dismantled and assembled watch movements…



elma suprol pro

waterless rinsing for precision parts such as dismantled & assmebled watch movements parts after cleaning…



elma unimix

ready to use  lubricant for re greasing after cleaning watch movements and precision parts…



elma clean red

aqueous cleaning concentrate suitable for disamantled watches, brighting effect for brass or gold plated objects…

PI_ELMA-RED-1 :9_EN.pdf


elma VACU Proof

for static and dynamic sealing points and seals of water proof watches and precision appliances after service work…


elma clean 25

elma clean 90

is a aqueous neutral cleaning concentrate suitable for watch parts inclisve aluminium remove polish and soil…


elma lab clean

Hospital, medical practise, Dental practice

for cleaning of medical & lab applications for example glass ware

elma lab clean A10

elma lab clean A10

suitable for labware and instruments made from metal glass, ceramics, plastic materials, glassware…


elma lab clean A20sf

elma lab clean A20sf

suitable for the aqueous, surfactant free cleaning, especially for the glassware( pipettes, burettes, measuring cylinder)…


elma lab clean A25

elma lab clean A25

suitable for dip and splash cleaning of labware and medical instrumenst from metal, glass, ceramic and plastic…


elma lab clean N10

elma tec clean N10

suitable for metalic plastic, glassy and ceramic surfaces and ensembels consisting of different materials…


elma lab clean S10

elma lab clean S10

suitable labware and instrumens made from metal inclusive aluminim and it’s alloys, glass ceramic and plastic materials…


elma lab clean S15

elma lab clean S15

It is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning of stainless steel, non-ferrous and light metals e.g. aluminium, glass and plastics as well as for the “passivation” of stainless and less chromium-containing steels..


elma lab clean S20

elma lab clean S20

suitable for acidic fundamental cleaning of dental and medical instruments.


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