we offer a wide range of accessoire’s for all our products

  • stainless steel baskets
  • glass beakers
  • medical steam cleaning adapter set’s
  • pump filter unit’s for modular ultrasonic cleaners’s
  • oil-separators
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • water softening units
  • demineralised water systems
  • noise cancellation boxes
  • dosing system
  • waste water lifting station’s
  • jewelery racks
  • plastic cover’s
  • stainless steel cover’s 
  • coated rack’s & basket’s
  • tweezers
  • ecetera……

please contact us for more informations.

Accessoires for Cleaning

are simular important as the right tools, the best Engineer can’t repair any thing if he have not the right tools and spare-parts, with the right accessoires cleaning of products is like a piece of cake, besides the right accessories can be helpful to reduce cost and increase the life-time of equipment. Our supplier’s operate for many years, because of their knowledge and continues reasearch the develop accessoires for the sucessful cleaning.