Key Reasons to Invest in New Machinery for Your Business

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When I first visited Thailand in the late 1990s, I would see so many luxury cars on the street, which stood out to other major Asian cities that I have worked for in the past. I was told that it was very ‘typical Thai’ for business owners to have a nice car but live in an average house. When I ask why? the person suggested to me that the businessman uses his nice car to visit customers, but the customer does not visit his house – We agree partly, but with a nice car, we can only drive, it may impress the customers, but imagine if any shop owner is working with the latest technology?

Without a doubt, investing in new equipment is an investment in the future. Not to mention, the initial purchasing cost of new and good equipment is extremely expensive, hence the need of the business to conduct extensive research of machinery that is optimal to their business. However, the purchase of new equipment can assist a business in portraying its commitment to its client since the customers will be given reliable services with the new and good machines with minimal or no breakdown during the operation.

Here are my rationales for buying new machines for your venture, may it be in industrial cleaning or other industries:

Facilitates a good working environment

Good quality, as well as new machinery, provides the employees with the right tools to work efficiently. Additionally, if the equipment that the business is not working as needed, means losing business opportunities because the business competitors are doing better than you. Having the required units will allow the workers to have confidence in your enterprise as well as their ability to execute the job well. New technology delivers improved process steps, which help achieve better results.

Boost speed and productivity

Today we appreciate the advancement in technology since it has made most things faster not forgetting the manufacturing equipment. The machine operators are now able to handle tasks that took entire days several hours to complete. Once the enterprise invests in newer and faster tools, the businesses can make more for their money. Therefore, increased spreads result in increased productivity and turn greater profits. Especially in the industrial cleaning business sectors that we at E&W Industrial currently serve – we believe that quality improvement ensures a good Return on Investments (ROI) because its saves consumable supplies, and that newer technology operate more efficient than older equipment (less risk of downtime)


Technological growth has facilitated the invention of better safety features that were not available in the past. Automation has resulted in decreased risk to human operators at almost all points in the production process. Not to mention, the modern and safety systems, automatic shutdown features, sensor systems among others which have drastically minimized the potential harm to the workers. A safer workspace is a more productive environment since buying equipment with enhanced safety features makes ethical as well as legal sense.

Room for Expansion

In case the new purchase of machinery is done right, the work productivity usually increases with new equipment. Growth in the quality, as well as quantity of the product or service provided, implies that the business can offer more to the clients. As a business acquires new machinery, the venture owners can choose to either expand to diverse marketplaces or acquire new contracts for the extra services the business can provide. In Thailand, purchasing new equipment for a factory can sometimes be made under the BOI tax exemption privilege. Therefore, the enterprise will boost its revenue streams and be more profitable, implying more opportunities to hire more staff members and increase workload.

In conclusion, the business benefits a lot from buying new machinery, investing in new production equation from a well-known manufacturer has more benefits than investment in a new car. And the good thing is that they are investing even for the future. The venture can be at a point it has plateaued and purchasing the new equipment can result in growth and more profitability. The reasons are the promotion of a good work environment, safety along room for expansion.

May the New Year 2022 bring you and your business, Health and Happiness, and turn all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements – Stefan C.

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