How to select the best Cleaning Chemical for Industrial application’s.

environmental frienldy cleaning with biodegradable cleaning chemicals in todays manufacturing industry

Cleaning chemical’s are categorized in different pH value’s.

The chemical Range start from pH 0 to 14.0. A neutral Chemical’s have a estimate pH Value of 7.0.
How ever if the value decrease to lower value’s means the main ingredient is acid based solution. If the Value increase to a higher number it means the chemical ingredients is alkaline/base. As result as lower/higher the value as more powerful/stronger the cleaning chemical’s.

For a successful cleaning

Why it’s always good to know what material(s) need to be cleaned and what contamination(s) need to be removed.
a cleaning solution with a pH of 1-2/ 12-13 can help to speed up the cleaning time, however a stronger chemicals also increase the risk that the part’s/product’s might be damaged and increase the risk for the operator’s.

Stronger Chemical’s may as well damage the equipment and might be harmful to the operator’s.

A neutral Cleaning Chemical can do a great job. why because they are easier to use, easier to store, easier to dispose and so safe to use. Powerful Cleaning chemicals, on long term reduce the live time of any equipment. Also a strong chemical might harm your operator’s. Another dis-advantage is when using stronger chemicals, before they can be drained to the waster water the chemical’s need to be neutralized. How ever neutral cleaning chemicals might not need to be neutralized.

Bio-degradable cleaning chemical’s

in this post, we are going to highlight a few reasons why bio-degradable cleaning chemical’s are good for our plant. As chemicals need to be disposed, they can harm our environment and specially our drink water recourse’s. So on long term it is always good to consider a bio-degradable chemicals which protects us, our children and grand children’s.

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