how to remove inclusions of diamonds-elmasonic

How to remove inclusion’s of diamonds with a ultrasonic cleaner.

Inclusions of diamonds are impurities/imperfections of diamonds, means contaminations which create by the pressure & heat when the carbon transform into diamonds.
to remove inclusions of Diamonds there are several ways for example:

Laser drilling of very thin holes to clean this diamonds followed by Deep boiling of diamonds with Acid.
Some diamonds may have tiny cracks where liquid can pass trough and the diamonds can be cleaned.

Deep Boiling is a long process that can take up to 10 hours boiling with a boiling mixture of nitric, perchloric, and sulfuric acids. The risk associated when using acid during this deep boiling process is big, there are health risks, explosion risk, ignition risk.

To prevent deep boiling of diamonds, we recommend to use a ultrasonic cleaner like for example the elmasonic xtra TT, which can be used to clean inclusions of diamonds with acid at a lower temperature, means without the dangerous boiling process.

when ultrasonic cavitation occur contaminations be removed, of course there is a risk that some diamonds might break when cavitation occur.
However during Laser drilling / deep boiling diamonds might break as well, keep in mind that is better if any jewel breaks in the production stage then when it has been sold the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services does E&W Industrial Asia offer?
A. E&W Industrial Asia offers turnkey cleaning solutions in the form of Service and Sales of Equipment and Machinery, chemicals and detergents, and process know-how for industrial cleaning.

Q. What is the Elmasonic Xtra pro?
A. The Elmasonic Xtra pro is a modular ultrasonic cleaning solution offering advanced data analytics capabilities and high-quality cleaning results.

Q. What is the STA-Centrifuge Separator?
A. The STA-Centrifuge Separator is a solution designed to extend the lifetime of process liquids and increase the availability of production machines by removing solid impurities from liquids.

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