homogeneous distribution of ultrasonic field

homogeneous distribution

of cavitation in ultrasonic cleaner

inside a ultrasonic tank it is the most important issue to achieve a successful cleaning, why because if the distribution is not equal product’s/part’s in the center might be cleaned, but product’s/parts in the corner /outside area remain dirty !

Which means the some part’s need to be cleaned longer/again, which is time & cost consuming.

Brand ultrasonic cleaner’s have a homogeneous distribution of the cavitation fields, this is the proof for successful cleaning.

Brand ultrasonic cleaner‘s as well create a proper level of cavitation, but what is cavitation ?

Liquids are held together by cohesion, which defines the density of the liquid. 

Ultrasound spreads out in liquid medias in a form of a longitudinal wave.

Compressions and dilutions are a direct result of alternating pressure.

The tension during the vortex phase of the vibration (dilution) can break the liquid structure.

This effect is known as cavitation.

The implosions of cavitation generate shock waves, which can start acceleration powers in the microscopic cosmos of the liquid.

These powers can be more than 1000 times bigger, than the power of the primary ultrasound power.

This physical process is also known from other technical areas, e.g. very high tension power of liquids also effects cavitation on propellers.


In addition to particles of dust and filth, also rough and soiled surfaces work as catalyst of cavitation.

Filth particles on these surfaces are blown up and are suspended in the liquid.


The effect of cavitation is influenced by many parameters.

It depends on the pressure and temperature of the media, the frequency and intensity of sound, the  viscosity of the liquid and the surface of the object to be cleaned.


The main reason for the cleaning effect in a low-frequency ultrasound process is cavitation.

The cleaning effect is comparable with an attack of innumerable micro-brushes.

Especially the smallest holes and difficult geometries and shapes can be cleaned without hazard.

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