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soldering & welding equipment Elmaflame 140

Elmaflame units generate a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen from demineralized water in an electrolytic process. After further processing the mixture burns without residues in a micro flame. Temperature and energy of the micro flame can be adjusted individually to each soldering or welding job by selecting the suitable nozzle size and the type of vaporizer liquid. The high temperature gradient of the micro flame allows operation of the unit in close proximity of temperature-sensitive components. Elmaflame units are equipped with a specialized part on the top. Due to the special conduction of the gas, operation, maintenance and functional checks are easy to do; also, the forming of condensate inside the unit is prevented which increases the reliability and prolongs the service life of the units considerably. The units are very safe to operate because gas is produced only when it is required. When the burner valve is closed, the production of gas is automatically shut down, too. Due to the extraordinarily low power consumption and the low cost of operating media (distilled water, vaporizer liquid) the operating costs of these units are kept extremely low compared to other units. The Elmaflame units are fitted with a quick analogous pressure control device so that working on a number of different jobs and workplaces with one unit is no problem. The operating pressure is variable and the set pressure keeps precisely at the required level even under changing ambient conditions.

Discount Last unit: 89,995.- Baht inclusive VAT



Additional advantages:

  • High-level safety standard in compliance with DIN 32508
  • Hydrogen-oxygen mixture burns clean without residues
  • Easy operation, microprocessor-controlled with integrated leak detector
  • Single or multi workplace operation possible
  • Quick regulation of the precise operating pressure, automatic adjustment
  • LED lighting for functional check and filling level monitoring of vaporizer liquid
  • Almost no operating sound due to the temperature-controlled cooling device („whispering cooling“)
  • Housing and gas reactor made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Low operating costs
  • Exchange of electrolyte is not necessary over many years
  • Any losses of liquid during operation is compensated by refilling distilled water
  • No mineral wool padding required for the drying of the gas

The elmaflame reach estimate temperature of 2850°C and can be used with different nozzles.

High-Quality Cleaning Results

The Elmasolvex® SE watch cleaning machine works through the rotation process and offers multiple-chamber technology for solvent and aqueous cleaning. Works well with both ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic cleaning machines to provide superior cleaning results.


Cleaning precision watch  parts by hand can be time-consuming, especially if you have to clean multiple watches daily. With the Elmasolvex® SE watch cleaning machine, you can clean multiple watches simultaneously, saving you time and increasing your productivity. The machine’s automated cleaning cycle also allows you to set and forget it, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks.

 Delicate and Safe Cleaning

The Elmasolvex® SE watch cleaning machine is designed to clean delicate components without damaging them. The technology and cleaning agents are gentle enough to clean even the most fragile watch parts, including the hairspring and jewels. This ensures that your customers’ watches are treated with care and that you don’t have to worry about causing any damage during the cleaning process.


Leasing the Elmasolvex® SE watch cleaning machine from E&W Industrial Asia Co., Ltd. can be a cost-effective solution for your business. Instead of investing in expensive cleaning equipment or hiring additional staff to clean watches, you can lease the machine for a fraction of the cost. The machine’s efficient cleaning process can also help you save on cleaning agents and reduce your overall operating costs. 

 Improved Customer Satisfaction

The Elmasolvex® SE watch cleaning machine provides high-quality cleaning results that can improve customer satisfaction. Customers will appreciate the attention to detail and care you put into cleaning their watches. Additionally, the machine’s efficient cleaning process means you can return watches to customers faster, improving turnaround times and customer satisfaction.

 Leasing the Elmasolvex® SE watch cleaning machine from E&W Industrial Asia Co., Ltd. can significantly benefit your business. From high-quality cleaning results to time-saving and cost-effective solutions, this machine is a must-have for any watch repair business or jewelry store. Investing in this innovative cleaning solution can improve your efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability.

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