Wire cleaning technology 

Wire Cleaning Technology

Introducing the Advance Wire Cleaning System from GEO Reinigungstechnik GmbH

Powerful and efficient solution for cleaning single-wire or multi-wire’s, profiles, strands, tapes, and tubes. This customizable machine offers a range of advanced features, including an ultrasonic tube reactor, a steam module, and a spray cleaning and blow-off system, all in a compact and space-saving design. With cutting-edge technology, this system delivers unmatched cleaning performance and is the ideal replacement for traditional cleaning methods.

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Wire Cleaning WST

The LS WST (Low Space – Wire Surface Treatment)

The LS WST is a compact machine that utilizes textile tapes to clean wires in tight spaces. It comes with 1 or 2 process zones and is designed to clean copper conductors up to 13mm before extrusion. Optional dosing systems can be added to apply water-based or solvent-based cleaning liquids to the textile tape if needed. 

The solvent-based system is enclosed with housing and equipped with an Atex-Exhaust Ventilator to prevent explosions.

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Steam Cleaning

Combining an ultrasonic system and pressure cleaning with a compact steam generator can optimize surface purity and achieve a range of benefits. The generator produces hot steam between 200-250°C and a pressure of 6 bar, which is then directed to a radiation nozzle and discharged at an estimated temperature of 150-200°C onto the surface or wire being cleaned. The high temperature of the steam ensures that oil contaminations and other residues are easily removed, while the dry steam allows for fast drying of wet surfaces. 

This method can also be used to clean copper wires for photovoltaic (PV-Ribbon) at a line speed of 1000m/min, using ultrasonic, high pressure, and steam to remove residual carbon contents and achieve perfect cleanliness with less than 0.002 mg/cm².

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High-pressure Cleaning

Nozzles are a great option when it comes to cleaning wires with light surface contaminants at a moderate speed. It’s a space-efficient process that gets the job done effectively.

GEO’s high-pressure nozzle design is perfect for continuous industrial profile cleaning. The system applies tempered cleaning media at high speeds to the surface, going against the direction of the product’s movement. The nozzle creates a high mechanical force that removes contaminants while increasing the efficiency of the process. Plus, additives can be added as needed.

The high-pressure cleaning system has various treatment zones and tanks that can be heated and insulated to ensure the media is at the perfect process temperature. Special bag filters guarantee continuous cleaning of process liquids, and there are options for additional systems like immerse baths, steam-cleaning, and blow-off nozzles.

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spiral brush

Sprial Brush for Wire Cleaning



static & rotation brush holders

for cleaning of powder from Wire & cable

  • for the static brush holder the wire / cable will be pull to a brush to remove powdery coating for wire drawing process.
  • the rotating brush System DRB helps to improve the wiping action of sprial brushes & reduce the build up pf dirt on the filaments.
    • DRB-SCS for wire/tubes Ø : 0.1 -3.0mm
      • Brush Ø : 40mm
      • Brush length: 150mm
      • Stepper motor speed :220-620rpm
      • Power Supply :230 Volt
      • Dimension (Lx W) 460mm x 460 mm
    • DRB-WCS for Wire /tubes Ø: 0.5mm -15.0mm
      • Brush Ø: 57mm
      • Brush Length: 300mm
      • Three phase motor speed: 150-550 rpm
      • Passage height: 1000mm (+/- 80mm)
      • Power supply: 400 Volt
      • Dimension (LxWxH): 1400 x 600 x 1100mm
      • download: Brush Station Brochure

rotating spiral brush system for wire cleaning
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