benefit’s of using a steam cleaner’s

benefits of using a steam jet cleaner’s

steam-jet -cleaner’s are used in several different business fields, for example jewelry manufacturing, watch service center’s, industry, dental & hospital’s, for pre-cleaning applications and for rinsing applications.

There are many Benefits for using steam cleaner’s. They work only with water, some of them even with DI-Water (demineralized water). Which mean’s steam cleaner’s are very environmental friendly. The operator fill water into the tank system, once the tank is full and the steam cleaner has properly been closed the heating period starts. The Heating elements will heat up the water until the water starts to boil and steam pressure will be created. Depending on the selected model the steam cleaner create a commend steam pressure of around 4- 5 bar’s. Some model’s are even able to create more then 5.0 bar of pressure.

Steam jet cleaner with pump versus without pump

Today some jet steam cleaners on the market which have a integrated filling pump. This model’s are much safer then the model without pumps. Integrate Level sensor’s monitor the water level inside pressure tank and start the refilling if required. The biggest Advantage is, there is no down time. For steam cleaner‘s without pumps the remaining pressure need to be release. Only then the pressure tank can be opened and water can be refilled. Once the refilling is complete heat up time starts, depending on the model and the heating power this can be time consuming. Furthermore during the heating time there is no production possible. Jet steam cleaner‘s with pump are refilling during the normal operation. Which means there is no down time, no production lost and it is much safer for the daily operation.

with Steam strong Contamination’s can be removed easily

in the jewelry manufacturing and in the watch service center, polishing paste will be applied, to polish the product’s and make them shiny. Here the importance is the melting point of the polishing paste, at a certain temperature polishing paste get soft. The temperature of Steam at the steam nozzle is maybe around 130-150°C depending on the steam cleaner model. A Steam Jet Cleaner in the jewelry manufacturing can be used for pre-cleaning and rinsing step, which means for most contaminations been removed with the steam cleaner, then the product’s will be fine cleaned with a ultrasonic cleaner and will be rinsed with steam to remove chemical contamination’s.

Steam cleaner’s as well be used to clean Areas hard to Access

for example for cleaning of blind hole’s or bracelets of watch‘s or time pieces are hard to clean. Most difficult is the contamination from daily wearing(sweat). Which stick to the watch & bracelets for a long time. with the steam pressure metal watch strap can easily be pre-cleaned.

Steam cleaner’s in the medical field

another benefit of steam cleaner in the hospital is that the steam cleaning process destroy bacteria and germs, there are a wide range of accessories available for the use of steam cleaner‘s in the healthcare sector.

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Dive Deeper with Elmasonic Xtra pro at Intermach 2023

One of the flagship products we will showcase at Intermach 2023 is the Elmasonic Xtra pro. The Elmasonic Xtra pro is a modular ultrasonic cleaning solution designed to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution for the manufacturing industry. The Elmasonic Xtra pro offers advanced data analytics capabilities that enable users to unlock the full potential of their cleaning processes.

The modular design of the Elmasonic Xtra pro allows users to customize their cleaning solutions to their unique needs. The solution caters to various cleaning applications, including precision, degreasing, and parts cleaning. The Elmasonic Xtra pro delivers high-quality cleaning results consistently, making it an ideal solution for the manufacturing industry.

Elmasystem Evo

Extend the Lifetime of Your Process Liquids with STA-Centrifuge Separators

Another solution we offer is the STA-Centrifuge Separator, which extends the lifetime of process liquids and increases the availability of production machines. These centrifuge separators are designed to remove solid impurities from liquids, ensuring that the liquids remain clean and usable for longer.
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cleaning of process liquids

We invite you to join us at Booth G11 at Intermach 2023 from May 10-13, 2023 at Bitec, Bangna to experience the future of industrial cleaning. Our team of experts will be present to guide you through the latest cleaning solutions and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What services does E&W Industrial Asia offer?
A. E&W Industrial Asia offers turnkey cleaning solutions in the form of Service and Sales of Equipment and Machinery, chemicals and detergents, and process know-how for industrial cleaning.

Q. What is the Elmasonic Xtra pro?
A. The Elmasonic Xtra pro is a modular ultrasonic cleaning solution offering advanced data analytics capabilities and high-quality cleaning results.

Q. What is the STA-Centrifuge Separator?
A. The STA-Centrifuge Separator is a solution designed to extend the lifetime of process liquids and increase the availability of production machines by removing solid impurities from liquids.

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