Great Benefits of using a part cleaner in the manufacturing.

aqueous parts washer is a machine/ equipment

which is used to remove contaminations which occur during manufacturing.

in general there are 2 types of washers available, a solvent based or a water based system.

With the Water based System we as well achieve outstanding performance and cleanliness. besides there is no risk as the liquids are not flammable, not harmful, easier to dispose and with a smart selection of biodegradable cleaning chemicals a environmental process step can be implemented into the manufacturing.

Aqueous means a mixture of cleaning chemicals which will be diluted in a recommended concentration into water, filter candles or filter bags installed catch different contaminations, which means they extend the life-time of the cleaning liquid, filters elements can be disposed and the aqueous cleaning chemicals need to be neutralized before they can be drained into the waste water.

A solvent parts washer, might create odor, which can be harmful for the employees, are dangerous to handle, water based systems create less odor and most of the cleaning chemicals on the market are biodegradable chemicals.

most rotary parts washer, have integrated oil separators as well condensate separators in the exhaust system to recover the moisture and return it back into the cleaning tanks.

our conclusion as below:

  • effecient environmental part cleaning.
  • easy operation and  easy to mainten.
  • bio-degradable, environmental non flamable liquids.
  • green manufacturing.
  • extended life time of cleaning chemicals by using oil separators and filtration systems. 
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