Benefits of oscillation

benefits of ultrasonic cleaning with oscillation.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning with oscillation (agitation)

Oscillation is a mechanical process in which the objects (parts) are moved vertically during cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner.

which brings huge advantages in terms of cleanliness.

Oscillation moves the products vertically up / down. Which means that this so called “oscillation process” moves the cleaning objects through these cavitation fields of the ultrasound.

But why is this so important?

Because ultrasonic cavitation are standing waves that occur in liquids.

To achive the same cleanliness of the parts, this oscillation process improve the gentle cleaning without creating any damage on the surface of parts.

This improves the cleanliness of all parts at the same time, instead of just cleaning some parts and leaving others dirty.

If parts are not clean properly.

Than recleaning has to be carried out.

However this increase the risk that parts will be damaged and delivery of your parts to your customers will be delayed.

Sometimes it also happens that defective parts are only recognized after further processing, e.g. in jewelry production.

If parts have too be cleaned too often then there might so-called clouds (damage by ultrasound), which for example only become visible after the coating process (plating).

That means those parts have to be re-produced. This is time & cost incentive.

Our modular elma ultrasonic cleaning machines have integrated oszilation devices, our process knowhow and our environmental bio-degradable cleaning chemicals, help to prevent such scenario’s. If Customers choose our products we can guarantee stabile production yields of up to 95-98%.

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