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 E&W Industrial Service Asia Co., Ltd.

is a Company

specialized in Service & Sales of cleaning Equipment & Machinery, cleaning chemicals & detergents, process knowhow for the purpose of industrial cleaning by ultrasonic cleaning & rotary part’s washers for the manufacturing industry, healthcare & service center whether for cleaning of products before/during/after manufacturing for example hardening & removal of contaminations or cleaning of process liquids like coolant, oil, emulsion by drum centrifuge separators.

 Why should you choose us:
Our solutions for repeatable Cleaning & professional Service offer advantages to every manufacturing company, for example:

– stable production yield’s
– repeatable processes
– perfect cleanliness
– improvement of your product’s
– on time delivery to your customer

we believe,

the memory of bad quality lasts longer than the brief joy of the low price.


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Our dedicated team always offers you excellent support and service. Sometimes we may not be able to answer your questions right away. This does not mean that we do not take this request seriously. We take it very seriously. We may need time to discuss things. To make sure we always provide our customers with an accurate response and the very best in service and products.

Process knowhow

We are here to help. Our team will help you find the best cleaning process. If necessary, we support you with test cleaning in our branch in Thailand. If you have a very challenging request, in which we may come to the limits of what is feasible with our devices on site, if you like, we can send parts to our partners in Germany for cleaning tests.

In addition to our devices and many accessories, we have various suppliers for cleaning chemicals, surface finishing, silver oxidizing agents, tarnish protection, etc. in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible help. We also offer turnkey solutions, which means when a customer (the cleaning system & the chemicals) purchases from us, we guarantee the cleanliness of their products.

cleaning in medical fields

Our environmental cleaning products combined with our reliable equipment and with the expertise, technical lead and R&D of our German suppliers will bring benefits to our customers, such as energy saving, water saving, improved cleanliness, stable yields, perfect quality, are just a few examples.

Only products that have been properly cleaned achieve perfect quality and durability.

Do not wait, improve the quality of your products now!

technical support / after sales service/ repair & overhaul

Devices made in Germany are known for their reliability. However, in order to be able to achieve the production figures, devices / machines must be maintained preventively and, if necessary, repaired. We offer our customers individual after-sales service, preventive maintenance and overhaul of machines or devices. Call us to find out more. We deliver the genuine-spare-parts and, if you like, we also offer the professional installation of these parts.

our Team

In addition, our suppliers provide you with proper documentation for your equipment, which consists of an electrical plan, an electrical and mechanical spare parts list, preventive maintenance plans and technical drawings. After successful on-site installation and commissioning of the system, your employees will be offered comprehensive training on how to operate the machine.

visiting our Show-Room

If “you” are looking for new equipment and / or want to do a test cleaning, just give us a call to make an appointment in our showroom were you can see / test some of our products.

Why is it better for you to visit us because we can prepare things before your arrival? In addition, transporting large devices is not that easy. We have all the necessary things on site in our showroom and want to minimize the time required, since heating up the devices can be time-consuming depending on the filling capacity. For this reason, we prefer internal tests, as we don’t have to transport different products to the customer on site. This allows us to quickly and efficiently use different ultrasonic cleaning models, steam cleaners in different sizes, detergents and drying units, if we need something else we can easily access them. Customer visits to your production facility can also be arranged on request. However, the details of your request should be discussed with our team in advance.

our next Exhibition’s

  1. BGJF -Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2024 from 09.09.2024 to 13.09.2024
  2. Wire Southeast Asia 2025 from 17.09.2025 to 19.09.2025

for updates on exhibition’s please come back to this site or visit our facebook page.


 customer support 

We care about YOU, our technical support is here to help & answer questions related to any of our product’s, no matter if  technical question’s or if you have questions regarding any cleaning applications or might need some spare parts.

for any enquiry please call

+66 (0)06 7577 252


working with us

 means you do not need to have a degree, but you need to have a passion & be responsible, being able to focus, being able to learn and improve. When we work we make mistake’s, which is normal, but we should learn from our mistake’s and improve.

If are “you” interest then Please send us your resume


working with us
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